The crashing of the waves, wind gently blowing your hair, sand tickling your toes, ah, a day at the beach! We used to pile the kiddos and all our crap into the SUV and travel 13 hours crammed together, stopping every hour on the hour for “potty breaks” (because when you have a newly potty trained kiddo who says they have to “go” you go!) all to enjoy a few days on a beach ridden with jellyfish and shark infested water.  That is until my parents started our annual Family Retreat. The destination, Lake Michigan, and boy were we pleasantly surprised by this beautiful body of water that’s salt, jellyfish & shark free and it just so happens to be a fraction of the drive. That was the year we finally said, peace out to the Atlantic Ocean, and found our new favorite body of water, Lake Michigan, which has rightfully earned its title Great Lake!


The Lake Michigan Coastline has no shortage of beaches. In the past we’ve enjoyed staying at different rental properties in Grand Haven and Douglas, Michigan. This year, for our 7th Annual Family Retreat we stayed in South Haven, MI. And the rental house we stayed at was perfect! It accommodated all of us…my parents, brother and sister-in-law, my sister, brother-in-law, nephew, and my brood. And the location, omg, it was superb! It was literally a couple blocks down from the beach, and the church, shops, and restaurants were all within walking distance…including the ice cream parlor 😉 But I’m getting ahead of myself, here’s the reasons why South Haven, Michigan is a perfect Family Summer Vacation Spot.




There’s literally a house, cabin, condo, etc. that can accommodate whatever your needs are…a romantic getaway for two, couples weekend, family vacation, multi-family vacay, family retreat, you name it and there’s a dwelling near a beach that probably also has some sweet amenities. Check out, South Haven on Lake Michigan for a list of beach rentals.

Here’s a quick tour of our Beach Rental….a couple of the bedrooms are included out of respect for those staying in them at the time.






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There’s the obvious one, swimming! The lake is amazing, one day there’s huge waves to jump and the next it’s so calm, quiet, and peaceful, perfect for paddle boarding or kayaking.

Outpost Sports -rent bikes and paddles

SoHa Surf Shop-rent kayaks & paddleboards

Saugatuck Dune Rides 



There’s also fishing, canoeing, tubing….dune rides, horseback riding, you name it and chances are South Haven or a place in close proximity offers it!





Did I mention we were close to EVERYTHING?! It felt nice not having to get in the car each time we wanted to eat at a restaurant, go shopping, grab coffee, get ice cream, eat pizza on the beach 🙂 etc.









Like clockwork, when 9PM rolled around everyone came out of their rentals and strolled down to the beach to behold one of the most beautiful sunsets ever, literally, every sunset we saw seemed for vibrant, more beautiful, and magnificent than the last.









As if the sand, waves, & water weren’t enough, there’s also a fun splash pad for the kiddos!







Make Meals FUN

When vacationing with other families take turns making meals, or better yet, take turns going on an adventure each evening! Have each family choose a country’s cuisine to share and assign them their day ahead of time so they can plan the decorations, food, and music ahead of time. This year we traveled to Japan, Italy, the Polynesian Islands, America, & Mexico! We even had an apron ceremony at the end of each meal.












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Rain in the forecast? Just need to keep the kiddos busy while you repack the beach bag, do laundry, and/or want enjoy that second cup of coffee on the porch? Bring a bin full of arts and crafts, get it out at the beginning of the week and assign different “kits” and crafts to each kiddo letting them know they have until the end of the week to complete their projects for the Art Show. Then of course you need to take a half hour and have an Art Show that last day. Include refreshments and toast the magnificent artist and the epic week y’all had!!




SO what are you waiting for, book your next getaway as a couple, family vacay, retreat now! Is your school district starting school online…have laptop, have mask, will travel! Have you and your family vacationed in South Haven? I’d love to hear about your experience. Or perhaps you have a question about the post, South Haven, or taking a Family retreat? Please comment below, loves

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National Sisters Day

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After a long spell in the city, it’s natural to need an escape from all the hustle and bustle, along with the lockdown, for a minute! Whether it’s a secluded natural beauty-spot, or a spell in a cozy country town, a vacation in nature can have a restorative effect on the soul. Adding any one of these places to your travel bucket list offers a great way to get off the grid and enjoy some time for yourself with some of the natural world’s greatest secrets. Whether you want to explore some places this summer or wait until next year, nature is calling!  Read more

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Parenthood requires constant attention and responsibility, which is why many moms can’t find time to look stylish. Instead, we save potential outfits we’d like to wear one day, and rock jeans, leggings, and sweatshirts while running errands and taking care of kiddos. Sound familiar? Read more

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Wauseon Community Pool

Temps rising, sun blazing, & not a splash pad or pool in sight?  The struggle is real this summer. Thankfully the amazing community of Wauseon, Ohio has been kind enough to extend an invitation to their local pool to all visitors. Which, let’s be honest, this is kinda a huge deal, especially when they totally had the option of only including individuals from their local community this summer. Thus, that being stated, when visiting please extend your gratitude, thank them for opening the pool to visitors, practice your best poolside manners, & most importantly, HAVE FUN!!


Why Wauseon’s Community Pool is so cool?

Read more

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SafeSplash, see why it was Voted Best Swim Lesson in Toledo!!

“What is the deal with swim lessons in this city? Seriously, the struggle is real! It seems like you either have to purchase a membership, or pay WAY too much as a, “non-member” just to have your child be placed in an overcrowded mediocre class with an underqualified instructor…and don’t even get me started on the lack of lesson days/times. NOT ANYMORE! Brace yourself; this is a GAME CHANGER….SafeSplash +SwimLab Swim School Holland! Say What?!”  Those were my words over a year ago and guess what? Guess who was just voted Best Swim Lessons in Toledo for 2023 by Toledo Area Parent?  That’s right, you no longer have to take my word for it, the people, parents, grandparents, guardians, etc. of Toledo and surrounding area have spoken and they agree SafeSplash is the best place for swim lessons in Toledo!!! And to show their appreciation they are offering a semi-private lesson for just $25…but I’m, getting ahead of myself.


Read more

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Snapology Online Summer Experiences for Kids & Giveaway



What is Snapology?

Read more

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Chuck E Cheese is Open! How are they keeping you & your kiddos safe?

“Where a kid can be a kid” That infamous tag line is precisely what kiddos are longing for these days. After months of navigating everything online from field trips, tours, classroom learning, specials classes, after-school activities, Storytime, etc. and dealing with the glitches, frustrations, & at times, the loneliness of the screen kiddos need a place where they can just be a kid, a place where they can escape the adult issues of today’s world, they deserve a space where they can just be a kid! Read more

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梯子坑总结 - 云+社区 - 腾讯云:2021-1-10 · 最终检测国内国外都 能用,在 XShell 中按照上面步骤进行新建打开即可看到连接成功的截图界面。 Vultr 是按照计时方式进行扣费的,在当前使用时长不足一小时的情况下会按照一小时进行扣费。

Endless memories of my littles playing and creating in the Family Center, meeting new friends at Summer Camps, honing their talents in Art Classes, “It’s Friday” date nights, after school trips & snacks in the Glass Pavilion, where I runaway to when Mom Life gets hard (a ½ hour in the Galleries, a glass of wine in the Café or Glass Pavilion, and you’re a new woman, try it ;), TMI on what TMA means to me? Read more

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Puffin浏览器 v8.3.1.41624 梯子浏览器 安卓破解版 - Go破解:2021-3-8 · 个人中心 写文章 向站点投稿 NEW 财富管理 积分购买、账户充值 推广中心 成为我伊的合作伙伴 NEW 任务中心 每日任务 NEW 成为会员 购买付费会员 认证服务 NEW 我的设置 编辑个人资料 进入后 …

Caution tape, face masks, floor decals, social distancing, & live streaming!! These were all foreign concepts back when our daughter started her Confirmation journey in September. The plan was to invite the entire family to the Cathedral to witness her beautiful Confirmation in March with a lovely sit-down dinner to follow. We all know what happened to those plans. After being rescheduled a couple times, it finally landed on the first day of summer, held at our local parish, only 6 people could be in attendance, and live streaming would be made available for everyone else.  This would be our first celebration since the ‘Age of Covid’ and I knew this gathering would be unlike any other event or celebration we had ever held. I wanted our guest to feel welcomed, comfortable, and most importantly, SAFE. After much contemplation, research, and careful consideration here are the main issues I addressed and as a result, 8 tips that will hopefully help you host your gatherings, events, and celebrations as we move forward, out of quarantine, and learn to live during this ‘Age of Covid’. Read more

ios能用的梯子2021 Host a Covid Safe party, Puffin浏览器 v8.3.1.41624 梯子浏览器 安卓破解版 - Go破解:2021-3-8 · 个人中心 写文章 向站点投稿 NEW 财富管理 积分购买、账户充值 推广中心 成为我伊的合作伙伴 NEW 任务中心 每日任务 NEW 成为会员 购买付费会员 认证服务 NEW 我的设置 编辑个人资料 进入后 …, 模拟器如何玩---国外游戏 - 新手引导 - 逍遥安卓论坛 ...:2021-9-6 · 玩外服手游必备:谷歌或FB账号,谷歌三件套 梯子手动**谷歌三件套方法1.如何**海外游戏apk?(通用版)安卓用户:百度搜索qooapp,或者第三方谷歌商场 模拟 ... 模拟器如何玩---国外游戏 ,逍 …, Safely Host a Gathering During the Age of Covid, Tips to safely celebrate bdays at home during Covid 免费爬墙加速器